Messaging on Climate, Energy and the Environment in the Era of Trump

The People’s Climate March this Saturday, April 29th will be President Trump’s 100th day in office. Thousands will march in 300+ locations worldwide and those in DC will surround the White House to symbolize resistance against Trump’s environmentally harmful agenda.

Ahead of tomorrow’s March, Global Strategy Group is releasing new findings and insights from a survey completed this week and recent public polls on the current debate over climate, energy, and environmental policy. The insights include messaging guidance for pro-conservation groups on how to best talk about climate, energy, and the environment in the Era of Trump.

Key takeaways from the research memo include:

  • Over 70% of Americans, including 57% of Republicans believe the U.S. should stay in the Paris climate accords.
  • Based on a brand new survey, two-thirds of voters in a battleground of 42 GOP-held house districts oppose Trump’s proposed EPA cuts, and 52% say they would be less likely to vote for their member of Congress if they support those cuts.
  • The most effective frame against the Trump environmental agenda ties the self-serving special interests in his cabinet to the impact their policies will have on the health of our families and children.
  • Voters are more likely to support actions to reduce “carbon pollution” than “climate pollution,” as the latter terminology drops support with center-right voters. Similarly, “clean energy” or “renewable energy” are stronger terms to use then “alternative energy” or “green energy.”

See here for the full memo.

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