BNE Wind Energy

Campaigning for commercial wind authorization in Connecticut

BNE Energy, a group of private wind developers, sought approval for three commercial wind projects in Connecticut. Fierce NIMBY opposition and a tumultuous regulatory environment had left the state the last in New England without commercial wind power. The projects faced a rigorous approval process, as well as heavy legislative scrutiny. In addition, opposition groups were well-funded and highly vocal, and the press was unsympathetic to the developers.

GSG crafted a campaign to engage supporters, influencers, and stakeholders to gain local and statewide support to influence the legislative process. We turned out supporters for public hearings and to generate letters and calls of support to public officials. We also identified and recruited local, regional and national influencer groups to support the effort, including critical support of unions, businesses, local elected officials, environmental advocates, scientists, and local residents. In addition, our messaging and media strategy led to more positive news coverage, as well as increased the scrutiny of the press on the opposition’s activities.

Thanks to our efforts, BNE became the first approved commercial wind energy project in Connecticut—gaining support for two out of its three projects.