The Holmes Report
2015 Gold SABRE Award, Transportation & Logistics (Client: Council on Competitiveness Infrastructure Week)

Infrastructure Week

Bringing awareness to America’s aging infrastructure

GSG joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Brookings Institution, AFL-CIO, U.S. Council on Competitiveness, and seven other organizations to help drive public attention and media coverage for Infrastructure Week 2014, a joint effort to raise awareness for infrastructure funding in the U.S. and to pressure Congress to renew the Highway Trust Fund, which was set to expire in September 2014.

Thanks to carefully-crafted messaging and highly personalized pitches to reporters that cover this issue, we successfully blitzed the national media market with stories on America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Infrastructure Week garnered significant attention in both the national and local media, and reporters captured the facts and story arch that was important to the coalition. Coverage appeared in the Associated Press, CBS, CSPAN, Marketplace Radio, National Journal, NPR, Slate, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and more. We also achieved local DC coverage in influential outlets including CQ Weekly/Roll Call and Politico, which are widely read by Members of Congress.