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January 3, 2018

Want to know who’s driving the conversation this week in the NYC Council Speaker’s race? We’re excited to share a new GSG social media tracker that will closely follow the … (Read more)

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November 20, 2017

GSG Compass: Our Guide to Winning Your Thanksgiving

  Happy Thanksgiving from GSG! While this year’s divisiveness in politics is bound to put our holiday meals at risk of spiraling into all-out political warfare, we have good news: … (Read more)

July 31, 2017

Women in Leadership: Tackling Corporate Culture from the Top

The public wants CEOs to prioritize women’s role in leadership and to create meaningful changes in how employee attitudes and company investments allow women to move up the ranks, finds … (Read more)

May 24, 2017

After 100 Days: How Corporate America Should Navigate Trump’s Engagement with their Brands

Americans are more politically divided than ever. And, with a president who has sent companies into instant crisis communications mode with a single tweet, corporate leaders are looking to understand … (Read more)

February 17, 2017

GSG Compass: It’s Not About Him

All too often in politics, people forget that voters care more about themselves than they do any politician. GSG’s latest Compass survey reveals that voters’ concerns about Donald Trump are … (Read more)

December 6, 2016

Business & Politics: Do They Mix? GSG’s Fourth Annual Study

As we transition into a new presidential administration and what is likely to be a heightened issue environment, GSG’s fourth annual Business & Politics study finds that there is a … (Read more)

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November 8, 2016

Election Night Guide 2016

    … (Read more)

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October 26, 2016

CEOs & Gender: A Media Analysis

Gender inequality in the workplace is one of the biggest issues facing corporate America today. Women hold just 4% of leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies and one in four … (Read more)

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October 4, 2016

GSG Compass: Words Matter

Heading into the final days of election season, campaigns are preparing their closing arguments to voters. And with voter distrust at an all-time high, the words campaigns use to describe … (Read more)

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August 3, 2016

GSG Compass: The Outsider Illusion: How Democrats Should Navigate an Angry Electorate

The primaries—not to mention recent events—have brought to the forefront how deeply unhappy, distrustful, and angry Americans are towards their elected leaders. Donald Trump gained traction in the primary—in part—by … (Read more)

July 14, 2016

Mr. Trump goes to Cleveland: Should companies follow?

Americans want companies to engage with political issues, and believe they have an impact when they do. Recently, a number of companies have made news by withdrawing their sponsorship of … (Read more)

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May 13, 2016

Women in Leadership: Why It Matters

Currently, only 21 women are at the helm of Fortune 500 companies and only one woman was hired as a CEO in 2015. This reality is at odds with Americans’ … (Read more)