What Are We Thankful For? Among Other Things, GSG’s Digital Team.

Since the election two weeks ago, GSG’s Digital Strategy team has been lauded for its work with Priorities USA Action. Priorities is the pro-Obama super PAC that has received a lot of credit for playing a meaningful role in the outcome of the election (in contrast to some of the other super PACs that have been criticized for overspending and underperforming).

POLITICO’S Steve Friess wrote an in-depth article in which he explores how Priorities USA Action used the Web to outfox the Romney campaign and outsmart better-funded Republican super PACs. In a piece entitled Inside Obama’s Shadow Campaign, Friess writes that “Priorities USA had a laser focus during the presidential election: to define Mitt Romney. The pro-Obama super PAC accomplished this…through a multi-pronged Internet strategy — targeting certain groups of Web users, buying search terms on Twitter and Google…and airing attack ads…during programming on Hulu and Pandora to reach younger voters.”

Meanwhile, in AdWeek, Christopher Heine described how the GSG digital team used YouTube to deliver anti-Romney messages to millions of voters in battleground states. “Overall, around 20 anti-Romney videos were posted,” Heine reports, “generating 68 million impressions and 26 million completed views… an overwhelming majority of the ads were served to independent voters in six battleground states…” Heine’s article concludes by citing Priorities’ data, which revealed that the group’s anti-Romney online ads were seen 40 times as much when compared to ads paid for by American Crossroads, the super PAC led by Karl Rove.

Note that the final tally showed that our ad campaigns generated a grand total of 221 million impressions and 45 million complete views, all targeted to Independents in battleground states.

Even Priorities USA Action co-founder Bill Burton felt compelled to give the GSG digital team an on-air shout out. During an interview with MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner, Bill spoke about how Priorities’ focus on the Web – and the “great digital strategists” at GSG – played a significant role his group’s success.

Interested in hearing more about GSG’s digital team, and our work during this latest Presidential election? Get in touch! Email Marshall Maher, VP of Digital Strategy, at mmaher@globalstrategygroup.com

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