Alex Perez

Associate, Research

As a researcher at GSG, Alex focuses on data analysis and message development for political, non-profit, and corporate clients. Prior to joining GSG, he worked as a Government Relations Associate for Beaudoin & Company, a boutique lobbyist firm.

Alex graduated from Georgetown University in 2016, where he studied Economics. He also has a strong background in politics and campaigns, having interned for Bloomberg for Mayor way back in 2009, working as a tracker for Paul Davis’s campaign for Kansas Governor against Sam Brownback, and interning for both Senator Chuck Schumer and for Martin O’Malley’s campaign for President.

A native New Yorker, Alex believes that Queens is the best borough in NYC…not because he grew up and still lives there, but for its tasty and diverse food options from every part of the world. When not at work, Alex enjoys dancing or perfecting his craft of DJ’ing.