Jim Papa

Executive Vice President

Jim Papa runs GSG’s Washington, DC Office, guiding operations and strategy for its public affairs, communications, and competitive research practices. He works with a range of corporate and non-profit clients across multiple industries, including health care, financial services, defense, technology, and education. In this role, he helps CEOs and other C-suite executives bolster their organizations’ strategic positioning in Washington and elsewhere by developing informed strategies, sharpening communications, deepening stakeholder engagement, and forging coalitions.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said about Jim, “Papa is someone you want in the trenches with you.” Jim is a veteran of the Obama White House, Democratic Leadership in the House and Senate and battleground Congressional districts…and has the scars to prove it. He has extensive experience developing multi-faceted strategies to address legislative, regulatory, and public relations issues.

When he isn’t working on behalf of his clients, Jim can occasionally be found thinking up the next plot twist in “The Adventures of Rosie Positano,” a long-running bedtime story series he tells his children each night.

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