Brands on Tumblr: IBM Sets the Standard for Engaging Content

As a medium, Tumblr is seeing plenty of success in recent months, having broken into the Top 10 sites in the U.S. with an audience of 170 million people. Tumblr allows users to create truly compelling content that can shared or interacted with in one click. There are some great examples of brands on Tumblr popping up – one page that I can’t  take my eyes off is IBM Research’s “IBMblr”. It celebrates 20 years of innovation by telling an engaging story using topic-focused original content. This campaign is successful because it shows us how the brand embodies innovation and invention instead of just telling us.

Brands on Tumblr - IBM“IBMblr” lets curious consumers in on secrets that are normally kept behind locked research laboratory doors—secrets that have allowed IBM to win the most U.S. patents for 20 years running. All of the content on the page is centered on ideas, innovation and invention, three things that hold our emotive interest. Examples of IBM’s normally complicated patents are turned into short, digestible explanations and are given cultural context. What could be a cold, untouchable corporate brand becomes human. All of a sudden we see the people behind the success and innovation of IBM.

Consumers are invited to join in on the conversation using the hashtag #think20, and many are broadcasting how amazing they think the campaign is. One user recently wondered if IBM was “Paving the way for #B2B on social.”

Imblr Photo 2 IBM’s employees are also engaging with the hashtag. IMBlr isn’t just a way for the brand to showcase its inventing prowess; it’s also a way for employees to showcase pride in the company’s culture. IBM’s employees are demonstrating that successful culture touches all levels of an organization, offline and online. We’re not just being told by the brand that they are innovative, their content and their employees are showing us it’s true as well.

And, like other successful Tumblr pages, you don’t have to have your own Tumblr account to look at or become engaged with this campaign’s content. Being visual, well-curated and topic driven makes IBMblr successful with Tumblr super-users and non-users alike.

Tumblr provides an opportunity for B2B and B2C brands to build pages that tug at our heartstrings, excite our minds and stun us visually using branded storytelling. Through thoughtful concepting and curation, Tumblr becomes a medium where brands can express their personality, identity and story in a way that meaningfully connects with us.

IBMblr does just that.

For a full list of brands on Tumblr visit brands.tumblr.com

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