The Hill: Scalia’s replacement: Change of tone

With the impending nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice, GSG’s Jim Papa talks about Justice Scalia’s pugilistic tone and what qualities his successor must possess. See below for an excerpt of the piece. Click here for the full article.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was, by any account, a prodigious conservative voice from the bench. Boldly and frequently, he articulated his view that originalism was the only rational approach to Constitutional interpretation. People who knew and worked with him describe his powerful intellect, quick sense of humor, and delight in a good argument. As someone who started reading Justice Scalia’s opinions as a law school student, I quickly became able to identify his prose on style alone.

Conservatives will miss Justice Scalia. Progressives have honored his service to the country, but welcome the opportunity to change the complexion of the court. I am hopeful, however, that both political parties, and both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, can agree that the next justice break from Antonin Scalia in one critically important way: tone.

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