NYT: Will a Yuengling Executive’s Endorsement of Trump Hurt Beer Sales?

Simply staying out of politics isn’t much of an option for business owners, and customers may not want that anyway. In the wake of Yuengling’s recent endorsement of Trump, The New York Times asked GSG’s Julie Hootkin what effect this political stance could have on the company’s business. See below for a quote of the article, click here to read the full piece.

A report by the Global Strategy Group, a New York-based public affairs agency, found that Americans want companies to take political stances — 88 percent of the respondents to a poll in October 2015 said corporations “have the power to influence social change,” and 78 percent said corporations “should take action to address important issues facing society.”

“Consumers today have very high expectations around the companies that they do business with,” said Julie Hootkin, executive vice president at the Global Strategy Group. “There is a fundamental expectation that the companies take positions on the issues of the day.”




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