Carter Johnson

Senior Vice President, Communications

Carter Johnson’s ability to run GSG communications and advocacy campaigns with the efficiency of a finely tuned clock originates with her birthplace – Switzerland. With 25 years of experience in state government, at a top lobbying firm and running her own ethics consulting practice, Carter not only gets the work done, but gets it done right.

Carter has spent her professional career working in and around government. With extensive knowledge of how laws are passed and implemented, she understands the unique challenges of heavily regulated industries. Whether it’s a wind energy company fighting NIMBYism, a major automobile manufacturer seeking legislative support for their autonomous vehicle program, or a non-profit association contracting with state government to provide safety net services which won a national award from the Holmes Report for the best state public affairs campaign), Carter translates her clients’ needs into a precise communications and advocacy plan that gets results. She also ensures clients are in compliance with complicated ethics laws, so they can be in the news for things they want to promote, and not for mistakes.

Carter serves as President of the Board of Directors for True Colors, Inc., a non-profit aimed at ensuring the needs of sexual and gender minority youth are both recognized and competently met. She graduated with honors from Connecticut College where she earned a B.A. in Government.

Carter has proudly passed on her passion for politics to her daughter who enthusiastically debates anyone, anytime. In her free time, Carter is an obsessed tennis fan, avid dog lover and a movie buff.