Dan Miller

Senior Associate, Research

Dan Miller has been involved in professional politics since 2006, but he’s been a nerd for much longer than that.  As an early and prolific Wikipedia editor, Dan was the first person to create an article for Barack Obama.  A few years later, he was working to elect Obama, as part of the voter file team at the Democratic National Committee in 2008.

Prior to joining GSG, Dan worked at the Feldman Group (a polling firm), MSHC (direct mail) and CREDO Mobile (direct mail marketing).  His most recent position, at Integrated Direct Marketing, was in the field of political direct mail fundraising, where he was personally responsible for marketing campaigns that annoyed millions of people and killed at least 60 trees.

Since joining GSG, Dan has worked on campaigns across the country, ranging from U.S. Senator to U.S. President, and gained a sincere appreciation for people’s willingness to answer the phone.