James Darley

Elections Assistant

As part of Global Strategy Group’s research team, James conducts quantitative and qualitative research for political, non-profit, and corporate clients.

He has seven years of experience at the intersection of data analytics, policy, and client relationship management working on political campaigns, in government, and in the corporate setting. Prior to joining GSG, James was the Chief of Staff to Mayor Felix E. Roque in West New York, New Jersey.

Earlier in his career, James worked as a sports scientist. While working full-time, he volunteered for municipal, county, and state political campaigns in New Jersey. His previous experience includes three years of finance at Société Générale and Entrepreneur Growth Capital where he worked on marketing and new business development.

James is a native of West New York, New Jersey and graduated with a Master of Arts in History from McGill University. Outside of the office, James is an avid hiker, whose aspiration is to become an Adirondacks 46er.