Jonah Kriger

Senior Associate, Research

Jonah joined GSG, following his years working in corporate market research at Kelton Global where he expanded, curated, and honed his research toolkit and expertise across many industries such as consumer goods, enterprise technology, finance and healthcare. He brings his deep experience in cultural insights, global research, journey-mapping, segmentations, marketing measurement, messaging strategy, opportunity sizing, and brand trackers to the GSG team.

A Northwestern University graduate, Jonah now works as a Senior Research Associate executing research for GSG’s political, non-profit and corporate clients.

Hailing from the Boston suburbs originally, Jonah got his first taste of politics at the dinner table, surrounded by a family of political operatives and as a volunteer for Joe Kennedy’s campaign during his first run for Congress.

After spending much of the day devouring the New York Times and Politico, Jonah can be found exploring New York City’s museums, crisscrossing the country, hiking, camping and writing poetry.