Joseph Ferris

Project Coordinator, Public Affairs

With a father who was a New York State Assembly Member for ten years, Joseph got a taste of politics from a young age. From leading a boycott of milk containing BGH at his elementary school cafeteria to his time on the local school board while in high school, advocating for what he believes in has always been important to Joseph.

After interning at Global Strategy Group, during grad school, Joseph worked in the City’s Campaign Finance Board’s press office, served as Communications Director on Tito Jackson’s victorious 2011 special election campaign for Boston City Council, Communications Coordinator at Transportation Alternatives, and as a consultant at Robbett Advocacy Media.

At Global Strategy Group, he has provided strategic guidance for clients such as the Rockefeller Foundation, Trinity Wall Street, Pier55, Inc., High Achievement New York, and the Council of Supervisors and Administrators.