Kathryn Rivera

Elections Assistant

Growing up in El Paso, Texas, Kathryn’s experiences living on the U.S-Mexico border has given her a deep awareness of injustices in her own community along with larger, systemic issues throughout the U.S and the world. Kathryn decided to pursue higher education to have access to the resources and knowledge that could bring meaningful and lasting liberation for all.

Kathryn graduated cum laude from Marist College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Mathematics. Kathryn worked as an interviewer, translator, and coder for the Marist Institute for Public Opinion (MIPO). Additionally, she interned for Congressman Beto O’Rourke and for the Rt. Hon Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary under Jeremy Corbyn in British Parliament, as a Hansard Society Scholar during her time at the London School of Economic and Political Science.

At GSG, Kathryn is an Election Assistant working with the research and data teams, primarily focused on 2020 races.