Americans: New Congress should provide check on White House, follow investigation facts

Our new NAVIGATOR post-election survey provides the first message guidance for progressive communicators and Democratic leaders in defining the agendas of the 116th Congress and President Trump.

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There are 5 key takeaways:

  • Check and balance. Americans want newly-empowered Democrats in Congress to provide a strong “check and balance” on Trump administration policies.
  • Play your strengths. Democrats arrive in Washington with credibility on some of the major issues from the midterms — including health care, corruption, and gun violence.
  • Less toxicity. The midterms were about change, and one part of that is Americans want less of the toxic politics that Trump has made his brand.
  • Focus on facts. When talking about investigations or oversight, Democrats should be careful to focus on the facts, rather than process.
  • Engage on the economy. Democrats have a strong case to make on the economy and can persuade constituents they are on the side of working and middle-class people.

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