Companies need to engage DC elites

In today’s activist world, Americans–and particularly those that drive the political and policy conversation in our nation’s capital–have a growing appetite for companies to take action on the issues of the day.  

Our latest Business & Politics research finds that DC elites (highly engaged, educated, and high-news consumption adults in the Beltway) have an outsized expectation that companies take action to drive change. Relative to adults overall, DC Elites are more likely to:

  • Boycott companies they disagree with (68% vs. 36% adults overall)
  • Buy from companies that take actions they support (46% vs. 20%)
  • Seek information about corporate values (62% vs. 31%)

In addition, DC elites are more likely to view CEOs as being responsible for social change (78% vs. 72% adults overall).

View the full DC one pager here.