Confronting Climate Change and Disarming Charges of Socialism

New Guidance on How Progressives Can Win the Debate 

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Americans are seeing early signs of climate change, and progressives can win the debate against typical attacks on climate action and the Green New Deal. And while “socialism” is not popular, there are progressive messages that effectively disarm conservative charges of socialism.

Our monthly project with a coalition of leaders will continue to provide actionable advice on how to talk about key issue areas as we barrel ahead in the new Congress and beyond.

Topics up this month:

  • How do progressives build momentum for action on climate change? Advocates for climate action should highlight the “strange and severe” weather-related consequences of climate change, our obligation to future generations, and the politicians’ fealty to big oil companies.
  • How do progressives fight back against charges of “socialism”? Most Americans dislike “socialism,” but progressives can effectively counter “socialist” attacks by pointing to conservatives’ harmful agenda or their history of using the word to smear popular progressive programs.

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