Highlighting the Policy Failures of the Trump Administration

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How to talk about Foreign Policy, SNAP, and Taxes.

This week’s Navigator takes a look at several key issues in the current debate, and how progressives can make their case:

  • President Trump’s approach to foreign policy is deeply unpopular. Progressives should speak to concerns about the direction of Trump’s foreign policy strategy and emphasize his reck-lessness, harm to the perilous state of American alliances under Trump, and the consequences of his decision-making in Syria on American interests globally.
  • Two years after passage, what do Americans need to know about the tax law? Public opinion remains divided and slightly negative about the tax law passed in late 2017. Americans are not firm in their views, however: when told more about the breaks granted to the wealthiest Americans and the risks created for Medicare and Social Security, opinions turn decisively negative.
  • Americans oppose the Trump administration’s proposed changes to SNAP. What worries them the most? Americans oppose cutting back on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), particularly when they hear about how many low-income children could be impacted by the changes.

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