How to Ensure We Win the Argument in 2018: Insight into Issues that Matter

How Americans Feel About Rising Costs at Home and National Security Abroad

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Here is the fourth issue of NAVIGATOR – our project with a coalition of leaders designed to deliver monthly polling and insights on real-time issues to your inboxes. In a time when the news cycle is the length of a tweet, and the stakes are higher than ever, our community faces a challenge – how do we keep in touch with how Americans feel about critical issues and debates?

Topics up this month:
Is the “America First” foreign policy putting the American people first, or not?

What are Americans struggling to afford in today’s economy, and what do they want their political leaders to do about it?

Trump’s Immigration Crisis: Where is the public on the family separation at the U.S.-Mexico border, and how can elected officials speak to their constituents’ major concerns?

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