Winning the Argument in 2018: Images and Ideas to Engage and Persuade

Americans are motivated to take action on key issue fights. They are also concerned about Trump’s narcissism and congressional corruption.

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Welcome back to our third issue of NAVIGATOR – our project with a coalition of progressive leaders designed to deliver monthly polling and insights on real-time issues to your inboxes. In a time when the news cycle is the length of a tweet, and the stakes are higher than ever, our community faces a messaging challenge – how do we use the best words, language, and images to win arguments on critical issues?

Topics up this month:

  • Engagement vs. Exhaustion: What motivates voters to take action, and what just makes them despair?
  • What is the imagery that best defines Trump and the GOP, and how does it relate to voters’ perceptions of Trump, the party, and their agenda? (Hint: there’s a pic of a crying baby in this issue)

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