Winning the Argument in 2018: Mueller, #MeToo, Cabinet Scandals, and Oversight

Welcome back to our second issue of NAVIGATOR – our project with a coalition of progressive leaders designed to deliver monthly polling and insights on real-time issues to your inboxes. In a time when the news cycle is the length of a tweet, and the stakes are higher than ever, our community faces a messaging challenge – how do we use the best words and language to win arguments on critical issues?

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Every month, we pick a few topics for exploration. The topics we select aren’t meant to cover every issue area facing the progressive community, but rather to give actionable advice on how to talk about key issue areas. Up this month:

  • A special counsel investigation reality check: Less about Russia, more about indictments.
  • The cabinet scandals: A waste of taxpayer dollars.
  • Congressional oversight: “Party over country” is the big problem.
  • On #MeToo, voters say “both” – as in, both parties should lead. And women across party lines are paying closer attention than men.

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